15 2018

"Mamele" starring Molly Picon

10:15AM - 12:15PM  

Jewish Community Center 60 River Street
Wilkes-Barre, PA

Contact Barbara Sugarman
570-824-4646 x246

Join us on Thursday March 15 at 10:15 (note time change) to see "Mamele" starring Molly Picon

A sparkling gem of the New York Jewish Film Festival is the U.S. premiere of the restored Joseph Green-Konrad Tom's 1938 Yiddish film Mamele.

Starring Molly Picon, the 5-foot-tall, 100 lb. phenom of Yiddish stage and screen, the film is set in Poland's textile hub of Lodz... A Yiddish Cinderella, Picon shops, schleps, cooks, cleans, dreams of love and is the" go to" person when someone has a problem - be it romance or rescuing a youngster caught up in a shady scheme.
The setting is urban, the young men and women are 1930s fashionably dressed. There is nightclubbing, drinking, double-dealing and - a handsome sweet musician across the courtyard. As tireless as the Energizer bunny, Picon is so delicious and quirky, you want to give her a knip in bekl (pinch her cheek).
In a dreamlike montage, she morphs - in stages - from a dancing little girl to a frail 78-year old dancing with her fingers and bobbing her head. Picon also launches the hit song "Abi Gezunt" (as long as you are healthy) which has become a standard for Yiddish performers down the decades. As for the romantic finale - it involves a scene-stealing ketzele (kitten) which will have cat lovers purring."

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